Ethereal Lacquer – In the Name of The Moon collection

These polishes were sent to me for swatches and review. My comments and opinions are included for potential customers to make their purchase experience better.

These photos taken with my iPhone 11 and I use a light box, a lamp pointed away and a ring light for side light. Macros taken with a clip on magnifier. I tried to include low light shots to show the shifts you will see in normal room lighting. Swatches shown with a glossy top coat and some shown with matte top coat. For sheer polishes, I included base colors to show variety.

Love and Justice – A bright violet jelly base full of iridescent flakies that shift pink, red, copper, gold to green.

Shown here three thin coats and glossy and matte top coat. I also show this in one coat over a deep purple creme (Passionfrost by Ethereal) to give it the deeper look on the bottle. It has a gorgeous shimmer shown below as I move from direct to indirect lighting. It applies smoothly and great formula. Jelly polishes apply sheer but build up nicely depending on how much opacity is desired.

Gilded Galaxy – A mango yellow base with very small holographic flakes, red, gold to green iridescent flakies and a subtle copper shimmer.

This polish is shown in 2 coats with glossy and matte top coat. It applies smoothly and the color is even more stunning in person. The gold and red in this polish gave me Belle/Beauty and the Beast vibes. The jelly polish starts out sheer but it does build up great. The polish was super easy to apply and if you dab the brush as you paint, you can place the flakies as you like.

Space and Time – A deep turquoise base with an emerald, aqua, gold to fuscia multichrome pigment and scattered holographic flakes.

Shown here in 2 coats with glossy top coat. This polish is absolutely stunning and the shimmer will have you staring at your nails for hours. The formula was absolutely perfect and applies smoothly.

Powerful Love – A brightened blue base with a gold, green, aqua to blue shifting shimmer and scattered holographic pigments.

Shown here in 2 coats with glossy top coat, it starts out sheer on the first coat but builds up nicely. Longer nails may have a visible nail line and if you prefer more opacity, I recommend using another layer or using a VNL base coat.

Zirconia – A deepened violet bas e with a linear holographic effect.

It applied great on the first coat but I added a second coat for my swatch. Shown with glossy top coat. This polish is super shifty and sparkly in direct lighting as you can see the purple color pop, but then deepens in lower lighting.

Black Moon – A pale pink base with a bright pink to orange shifting shimmer and scattered holographic flakies.

Shown in 2 coats and glossy top coat, it applies smoothly with a little VNL on the first coat but gets more opaque on the second. This polish is a whole lot of surprise, you think you’re getting a basic pink and then the holo and shimmer hit you with the stun guns. This polish has a cool purple sided pink in direct lighting and then shifts into a coraly orange shimmer in low lighting.

Dupe Comparison:

Here is a comparison of this polish with a similar looking polish from the last release. Shown alone and over a bright cherry creme, Dragonfruit by Ethereal

  1. Index: Black Moon 2 coats
  2. Middle: 1 coat of Black Moon over Dragonfruit
  3. Index: 1 coat Frozé over Dragonfruit
  4. Pinky: Frozé 3 coats

In the Name of the Moon – A bright and colorful turquoise jelly base with a bright pink to orange shifting shimmer.

This was the one that caught my eye when opening the polishes. It is super sheer, I used 3 thin coats in my swatch of the polish. But then I layered it over an aqua creme (Frozen Aqua by Ethereal) and it was absolutely stunning. The shift in this polish had me drooling and I couldn’t stop staring. If you don’t like VNL, I recommend a base color that is close to the turquoise base or use a VNL base coat.

Silver Crystal – A pure colorshifting shimmer polish with color shifts of gold, green, aqua, blue. At extreme angles you can also see purple, orange and pink. Best worn over white to showcase the entire shift range.

Dupe Comparison:

I also wanted to add in a note as I have seen comments about this polish being a dupe for Lūmen Radiance. They are similar polishes but definitely not a dupe. It may be close enough for someone to say that they don’t need both but here are side by side comparisons for you do determine if you need this polish in your life (you do)

Release Information:

This collection will be available January 15th-22nd at Ethereal for preorder with up to a 21 day TAT. Our TAT is increased due to reduced staff.

Entire collection- Includes; Gilded Galaxy, Zirconia, Black Moon, In The Name Of The Moon, Love and Justice, Space and Time, Powerful Love and Silver Crystal. $90.00

Blossom (former PPU polish Pink is Sus) – A bright pink base with a hot pink to orange shifting shimmer. All proceeds donated to AAJC $12.00

In The Name Of The Moon Mystery bags- 3 mystery polishes in a holographic bag. 1 per person please. $30.00

All orders come with a free sticker.

Orders with the full collection receive a free iridescent rose as a gift with purchase!

Unfortunately due to a manufacturer timing issue there will be no mugs for this collection. Unfortunately our manufacturer cannot guarantee a reasonable time frame.

US shipping for orders over $75.00 ship free with code Ethereal75

4 thoughts on “Ethereal Lacquer – In the Name of The Moon collection

  1. Love your video swatches! They show how the polishes apply without having to sit for an hour for the collection. Thank you! Your nails look flawless and have always accurately represented the polishes I’ve seen you swatch!!

    Liked by 1 person

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