Bluebird Lacquer Rainbro Lite collectio

Hi guys! Lou sent me her newest pastel collection for review and swatches. My review is honest and of my own opinion.

First of all, I will disclaim, I am a huge creme fan. I know that sounds weird in a polish world full of gorgeous holos, shimmers and flakies, but my heart my heart will always pitter patter for a good creme. And with that said, I am straight up picky with my cremes. Indie makers do cremes so much better than mainstream polishes (the ones you find in stores) My standards include: a good medium sized brush that fans out easy, a formula that may be on the thinner side (personal preference), self leveling and opacity it 2 coats, one coaters don’t really mean much to me because if I wear them alone I use 2 anyways. Miss Loubird hits all of these criteria with her cremes. So let’s get busy looking at the pretty colors.

These colors aren’t your average pastels, they are unlike anything in my collection. These are more of sherbet colors and they are absolutely gorgeous. I will not only share swatches but also video swatches and tutorials for you to see the beauty of these polishes.

These dry to a glossy finish although a matte top coat looks so pretty. They watermarble and stamp, although I used them in a fun gradient. I will link some other blogs that show these techniques.

All swatches are shown with glossy top coat and also with matte top coat, Nothing Else Matters by Bluebird Lacquer. This matte top coat is the matte-st of mattes! No sheen or shine left, all matte.

Brosé All Day

This is the pink of the collection. This is such a fun pink, leans towards bubblegum but not as bright. I would dare say someone who doesn’t like pink may tolerate this one…may!

True Bromance

This is the orange color in the collection. It was darker than what I expected for a pastel collection but this tangerine is still bright and cheery but also not an “in your face orange” that comes with most oranges. It is a perfect shade!

Say It Ain’t Bro

This is the yellow of the collection. Yellow is known in the polish community for being the least liked color but this soft lemony beauty is so pretty! I really loved it matte best!


This is the green color of the collection. This reminds me of creamy pistachio Watergate salad (my northern is showing lol) this color is soft yet bright, it’s not overpowering.

Stick With The Brogram

This is the blue polish of the collection. This color leans a periwinkle shade of blue and it’s SO gorgeous. I had a hard time taking this one off because it just captured my blue lovin’ heart.

Brocial Media

This is the purple of the collection. This is such a perfect purple. I love colors that stand out but aren’t overpowering to the eye.

Grass’s Out, Classes Out

This is the pastel flakie topper of the collection. I loved how it looks matte because you really see the light colored flakes so much better. It looks great over a variety of colors but I picked a medium grey base. It applied smoothly and the flakies laid down perfectly. I liked that they weren’t overwhelming and that it was more of an accent that didn’t take away from the base color.

Nail Art:

I decided to do a no tool gradient with these colors. That means I didn’t use any sponges to blend the colors, only the brushes from the polish. It is less clean up and a lot quicker. I usually do this when I’m stamping over the gradient because it doesn’t have to be perfect. This gradient isn’t my best work but I thought it turned out pretty good.

Here’s the tutorial for doing this technique:

After I did the gradient, I decided to add some stamping. For this mani I used:

@cuticulanailcare Nail tape in Loopy

@lanternandwren Simply Silver clear stamper

@bundlemonster @hellomaniology Bombshell Baby BM-XL359 stamping plate

@musiccitybeauty Black Velvet

@vibrantvinyls Sticky base coat and Quick Dry Top Coat

Here is the tutorial for this:


So why do you need this collection in your life? Well if you haven’t seen how pretty and amazing these cremes are, justify it that they are unique and you will use them over and over. In fact, you will find yourself reaching for them time after time to try new manis with. You’ll grab them on a rainy day when you need a bright pick-me-up. You’ll grab them when you want a bright color that will grab everyone’s attention. You will grab them simply because you love them.

These polishes will be available in the Bluebird shop here.

Each polish is available for $8 starting March 8 at 5:00 pm EST.

The full set will be $56 with free shipping in the US and Canada. International rates will vary. This set includes 6 cremes and a pastel flakie topper.

As I mentioned earlier, here are some other bloggers who reviewed this collection that you may enjoy.


Cosmetic Sanctuary


Thank you for reading my blog! These items were provided to me as press samples but the reviews are honest and my own opinion.



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