Polish Pickup-January 2019-Mythology

I have a few polishes for you that will be offered in Polish Pickup this month. These items were provided to me as press samples but the reviews are honest and my own opinion.

Polish Pickup is a pre-order collab that lets you try different brands and pay one shipping fee. The customers nominate and vote on each month’s theme and the makers use that theme for inspiration. It can be addictive, so beware! 😂

This month’s theme is Mythology, so these makers got creative and found some beautiful inspiration pictures. I included those with each polish so you could see them, I claim no rights to these pictures as they are used for inspiration only.

Make sure to check out the Bloggers of the Month and their pictures as well!

Kerry Callaghan



Sarah Kapperman


Now check out all the pretty polishes I have to show you!

Danglefoot Nail Polish – Sword of the Rightful King

Description: Grey (warm) to purple (cold) thermal polish with a strong aqua/pink shimmer

Inspiration: King Arthur’s sword


Price: $12.50

Cap: 100

Link: https://the-pickups.com/collections/nail-art/products/danglefoot-nail-polish-sword-of-the-rightful-king

Rachel’s notes: This is a stunning color in either state! The shimmer really stands out. The thermal reacted very well naturally. I added a few drops of polish thinner for personal preference (I usually add thinner to most of my polishes) and it applied smoothly in 2 coats. Shown with a glossy top coat. This is our first UK polish maker for polish pickup! Let’s give her a nice warm welcome!!

Heather’s Hues – The Triple Goddess

Description: A deep indigo blue jelly filled with gold holo and flakes and a mix of multichrome flakes in gold/bronze/silver and copper/green/blue/violet

Inspiration: Diana


Price: $12.50

Cap: 125

Link: https://the-pickups.com/collections/nail-art/products/heathers-hues-the-triple-goddess

Rachel’s notes: Heather really made a stunning polish this month. Looking at the bottle did not do this polish justice! The gorgeous glitters and flakes really sparkle on the nail. It applies smoothly and was opaque in 2 coats. I used a glossy top coat and a matte top coat for the photos.

Kathleen & Co – Dawn of Aurora

Description: This is a blurple based holo with added blue/purple and red/gold Aurora pigments along with orange and multichrome pink/copper/green magnetic, magnetic flakes and scattered holo. This polish looks equally as pretty on its own without the magnetic effect. Wear either way for two separate looks!

Inspiration: In Roman Mythology Aurora is the goddess of Dawn. She renews herself every morning and flies across the sky. She announces the morning’s arrival.img_1797

Price: $12.50

Cap: 150

Link: https://the-pickups.com/products/kathleen-co-dawn-of-aurora

Rachel’s notes: This is another new to me brand. I was very impressed with the color and shimmer, and if you look closely, some flakies. I applied this in 2 coats using the arc magnet from Lantern and Wren. It applies smoothly and magnetized quickly. When using it as a magnetic polish, first of all shake well and re-shake with each layer, also apply thick-ish coats and hold your magnet still for about 15-20 seconds for each coat and the top coat. I stamped with El Corazon Kaleidoscope beige stamping polish with the UberChic Unicorn Love stamping plate while it wasn’t magnetized. This is a stunning polish either way you decide to wear it.

Lantern & Wren – Wonder

Description: This is a powerful teal creme with super shimmer and gold flakies to round things out.

Inspiration: Wonder Woman

Price: $11

Cap: 200

Link: https://the-pickups.com/collections/nail-art/products/lantern-wren-1

Rachel’s notes: This polish really comes to life on your nails! The flakies are subtle enough that this polish would make a great base for some gorgeous stamping (of course go check out Lantern & Wren for some amazing stamping supplies! I did not add any thinner to this polish. The handle is a nice rubber handle so it’s easy to open. The brush is on the larger side, but I had no issues painting my nails.

Here’s a little fan art for your viewing pleasure. I used Hit the Bottle stamping polishes (Snowed In and Poison Apple) with my Simply Silver stamper (best pickup for a clear stamper so far!)

Vibrant Vinyls – Stupid Cupid

Description: Exclusive scent of Fast & Hard quick dry glossy top coat. ‘Stupid Cupid’ – An intoxicating, irresistible blend of orange, raspberry, lime, and French vanilla. Scent will appear once fully dry.

It is also available in unscented for those who don’t want the scented version.

Inspiration: Cupid

Price: $7

Cap: 250

Link: https://the-pickups.com/products/vibrant-vinyls-stupid-cupid-scented-fast-hard-quick-dry-glossy-top-coat-unscented-option

Rachel’s notes: So my first attempt went a little sideways, I didn’t shake the bottle before using and I had a little smear in my stamping, but after figuring out my mistake it worked perfectly. So if you are new to this product, learn from me! This dries super quick and I was able to wash my hands after a few minutes of drying. The brush for this top coat glides amazingly over your nail. I had no issues flooding my cuticle area from trying to push it back. The formula is thin enough that you don’t have any resistance from being too thick and floats nicely.

Thank you for reading my blog! These items were provided to me as press samples but the reviews are honest and my own opinion.


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